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In checking other companies where they have advertised that their heaters gave out low EMFs when I put them to the test some were actually over 100 mG. I love how the wooden grids come off to clean the floor heater and wall heaters if they get splashed with sweat. It’s easy for my staff to go in, wipe them off and keep the sauna sanitary.

Using the sauna to warm up before a rehearsal, before a treatment or a workout adds to the effectiveness of their overall program that I have set up for them. It’s a great addition to the rehab programs and the maintenance of proper health for the dancers at the National Ballet of Canada.

Dr. Ian Yamane, DC

Clinic Director,

Valhalla Wellness & Medical Centers

Las Vegas, Nevada


Paul Papoutsakis

Certified Althletic Therapist,

National Ballet of Canada

"All the heaters measured low EMF. I was very pleased with that finding"

"I feel the heat is necessary for the dancers"


As many Doctors agree, a Sun Stream Infrared Sauna is incredibly good for your health.  See what the experts say about the best infrared sauna on the market today!

"Infrared sauna therapy safely and effectively delivers the sun's naturally healing radiant heat directly into the body to help reduce blood pressure, pain and stiffness, and aid in weight loss."

The Water's Edge Natural Medicine Clinic in Seattle WA features two Sun Stream Infrared Saunas for their patients’ use.

Dr. Marina Abrams


Medical Director,

Water's Edge Natural Medicine

"What we have found is that through genetic testing some people are more predisposed to develop a higher level of toxins and have difficulty getting them out, so we put a protocol together to help with that, which includes the use of the Infrared Sauna"


Dr Caplan is an integrative doctor who provides both conventional and integrative health care options to patients in Toronto. With the use of a Sun Stream Infrared sauna, listen to Doctor Shari Caplan as she talks detox & weight loss.


Dr. Shari Caplan MD


”I was astounded by the deeper and significantly more complete sweat in my Sun Stream"

I have owned my Sun Stream Sauna since 2009 and have recommended the brand to several friends and clients. The Infrared sauna is probably the most efficient way to enhance circulation and aid detoxification. In contrast to other sauna brands that I tried, I was astounded by the deeper and significantly more complete sweat in my Sun Stream.

Allyson Burden

BC Society of Homeopaths,

N.A. Society of Homeopaths

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