The following infrared sauna reviews have been provided by professionals in the health industry who every day work with and see the benefits of using our saunas.

“Sun Stream is undoubtedly the best”

We decided to bring the Sun Stream Sauna into the fitness studio to compliment what we are offering at Vibes Fitness. The sauna allows for members to unwind after a workout. Personally, I have tried several Infrared Saunas and the Sun Stream is undoubtedly the best. It offers maximum infrared, with a comfortable level of heat.

Jessica Moulson | Owner, Vibes Fitness | Victoria BC Canada
Jessica Moulson | Owner, Vibes Fitness | Victoria BC Canada
Natasha Hutchison
Natasha Hutchison

Natasha Hutchison

Masseuse | Wellness Studio Owner

“A cut above in terms of superior heating, workmanship and quality”

The Colour Therapy light unit is amazing, far more vibrant than those I have seen in other sauna brands. Owner, Kevin Halsey is knowledgeable, personable and reachable! He is always there on the end of the phone to answer any questions about the saunas.

Natasha Hutchison

Masseuse | Wellness Studio Owner

“A cut above in terms of superior heating, workmanship and quality”

The Colour Therapy light unit is amazing, far more vibrant than those I have seen in other sauna brands. Owner, Kevin Halsey is knowledgeable, personable and reachable! He is always there on the end of the phone to answer any questions about the saunas.

Natasha Hutchison
Natasha Hutchison

“I can’t recommend my Evolve 360 Sauna highly enough”

After months of research I introduced the Evolve 10 360 degree Sun Stream Sauna into my business. It has Low EMF, and induces a fast heavy sweat as promised. My clients are getting great results with weight loss and I also find I am getting quicker results with their skin conditions due to the great detoxing benefits. I can’t recommend my Evolve 360 sauna highly enough.

Jenny White | Esthetican & Aromatherapist | Sydney , NSW
Jenny White | Esthetican & Aromatherapist | Sydney , NSW
Peter Morrow
Peter Morrow

Peter Morrow

Certified Live Blood Analyst | Certified Ozone Therapist | Owner Zen Health Haven

“A great way to relieve stress, invigorate and recharge”

The quality of the heat and the workmanship of the sauna has exceeded my expectations….they are more comfortable, heat up quicker, consume less electricity and cost half the price of our former unit, a Sunlighten model. We have run the sauna from 9-5, five days a week for the past 18 months and the sauna has been problem free and continues to perform like new.

“We replaced our older style IR sauna with a Sun Stream Sauna and have been pleased with the nice even heat in the new Sun Stream”

Valley Health and Fitness has offered Infrared Sauna sessions to our clientele since 2002. Our customers enjoy the sauna after a workout to help reduce stiffness, for relaxation and sweat detoxification.

Forrest Verbruggen | Certified Personal Trainer | Owner, Valley Health and Fitness | Cobble Hill BC Canada
Forrest Verbruggen | Certified Personal Trainer | Owner, Valley Health and Fitness | Cobble Hill BC Canada

The following are comments made by our many happy customers about each of the Sun Stream Sauna models that they have purchased.

Here are a sample of the comments made by our many happy customers who purchased the Evolve Mini sauna.

I think that you have under sold the amazing product you have – I have NEVER ever been in a sauna so effective before in my life. The 360 panel heating is a great Idea I could not imagine not having heating from the bottom of the feet or the front. The team have enjoyed using it also – they say that it is surprisingly HOT they are amazed how hot it gets and how it feels like a commercial unit.

Mark Norman

Just an update on our Evolve Mini Sauna. We have assembled and tried it out finally. We love it!

Katherine and Wai Yen
Winston Hills, NSW

The sauna arrived on Saturday. We just finished setting it up. My husband says he’s impressed with the quality of the workmanship. It went together snugly and looks great. First sauna session was good. I took it easy to see how it would work. Tonight will be warmer and more infrared.

Deidre D.

Hi, just to let you know that the sauna was picked up and brought home. It was assembled and installed with no problems. I’ve used it for the first time this morning and it is everything I could wish for. Excellent product: well made and beautifully finished, and the price was right! Thanks for the good service.

Henry Giesbrecht

Intense is the word! Wow! I Love it! Never new heat like this before in a sauna. I find the initial heat coming at me from every direction very soothing and relaxing, much like a warm blanket. After about 8 treatments, I’m really delighted with the results. For one, my normally dry skin, is soft and smooth.

Catherine C

Just wanted to let you know we got everything and are very happy. Sauna works fantastic and perfect for taking off the chilly edge this last month of rain has provided. Thanks… loving our sauna!

Jeremy M.

I used the sauna last night and it’s great. Thanks a lot for putting it together and for such a quick delivery. Nice meeting you too.

Indira N.

I received my sauna this morning. It comes in a strong and sturdy shipping packaging.
Just finished my third session. The “Mini” has much more heating power than I’ll ever use. Everyone in the world should be using a Sun Stream infrared sauna. They are that excellent !! Thanks for inventing and making this recent new model.

Rich C.

My new Mini Sauna arrived today in good order. After unpackaging it took less than 30 minutes to assemble and test. Good job. Good product.

Larry J.

Here are a sample of the comments made by our many happy customers who purchased the Evolve 10 sauna.

All we can say is – fantastic! We couldn’t be happier! The sauna is wonderful, arrived yesterday (sooner than expected) and erected in short time, impressive quality, christened immediately. Love it! Thank you for such good product and all round good service. All the best.

Ian and Lee
Tauranga, NZ

I’ve owned and tested many different brands of Infrared saunas. I’ve found the Evolve 10 to deliver the fastest preheat time and superior Infrared body coverage compared to others on the market. It’s also one of the lowest EMF saunas I’ve tested. Truly exceeded my expectations!

Matt J.
Evolve 10 Owner

We got the sauna set up and love it. My concerns about it being underpowered… I have none, it’s awesome. Thanks for your help in selecting the Evolve 10. Nice job, it’s well designed and great in every metric. Enjoying the sauna!

Dean B.

Here are a sample of the comments made by our many happy customers who purchased the evolve 20 sauna

Just took my first sauna [Evolve 20] and WOW! What an awesome IR Sauna! Easily 4 times as intense as my old Sunlight sauna. I love it!! I do strength training 2 times a week and sauna afterward. What a great after workout regimen!

Day 3 of the new sauna and I’m obsessed with the intensity of the Evolve 20!! I’ve never sweated so much in a sauna in my life, bar none…. With my old Sunlight sauna, I could go 30 minutes at top temp with no problem and wouldn’t be near as sweaty.

Kirk A.

Just thought I’d update you in the sauna – I’m using it 3-4 times/week for 25 or 30 mins and am really enjoying it. It’s going great.

Anthony Ringuet
Tarragindi, QLD

I have been using the sauna [Evolve20] regularly and I truly enjoy it! I started to use the sauna about a month ago. Since then I have used it every night. After a long day I enjoy sitting in the sauna to detox and it almost feels better than a long workout. 5 stars on the assembly! I had no one to help me with the set up, so I was grateful that the sauna went together easily. It’s space friendly and looks great. This was an excellent investment and I am a 1000% a satisfied customer!

Gerald Hayes
9 season NFL Veteran, Inside Linebacker. Arizona Cardinals 2003-2011. Starting Super Bowl 43 Starter Inside Linebacker

I finally got to truly try out the sauna. I love it! I sweat so much that I left a puddle on the floor.

One of our patients who has used Infrared saunas before commented that this one [Evolve 20] was 1000 times better than what she has been paying to use elsewhere.

Dr. Brandon Traficante DC
Traficante Family Chiropractic, Altoona, PA

I am thoroughly enjoying the Evolve. I don’t think I sweat as much from even strenuous aerobics on a warm day! And far from being drained, I find myself loose, fresh, and energized afterwards. After four or five sessions, I noticed marked improvements in both deeper sleep and endurance in my workouts.

Kevin, you should be proud of your design. I believe the Evolve is efficient, effective, and worth every cent.

“Warm” regards,

Jeff E. Protection Island BC

I’m enjoying the Evolve more than I can describe in a few lines!! That front door heater cooks like a Louisiana barbecue. Once it hits 115 degrees F., (which doesn’t take long at all) I start to sweat. And within 3-5 minutes it’s at 120 F. and the toxins are pouring out of me. This has been the best money spent in years. And you were easiest CEO, owner, salesman I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.

Dennis J. Bainbridge Island WA


I used the sauna last night. I LOVE it very much. It was so relaxing especially after many days of dealing with the construction team.

I cannot wait to use it again tonight.

M. Pedersen, Sequim WA

I love my new Evolve 15 sauna. I have used it numerous times and truly enjoy the heat, especially since I am able to control the temp. It was very easy to assemble; my sister and I completed it in an hour and a half. The on-line instructions with the added pictures were very clear. Yesterday, I made custom terry bench covers and am looking forward to my session tonight.

K. Watson

…my son loves his sauna and uses it pretty much every day. He feels great and his skin has improved.


I have been really enjoying my new sauna. I’ve been under a doctor’s care and it seems the frequent trips to my sauna have greatly helped. I’m looking forward to long range relief as time progresses.

Lionel D

The Sauna has arrived, the assembly instructions were perfect… Thanks

My wife and I are very impressed with the unit and looking forward to many uses going forward.

Larry F.

The sauna is my favourite daily retreat. I use the sauna daily following physical activity to relax muscles. The sauna is very effective and sweat occurs within 10 mins. I could not imagine having the sauna without the door mounted heater design. It targets all areas needed and the warmth is comforting.

…really enjoy the essential oil diffuser and colour therapy for a relaxed setting. The benefits of detoxification and relaxation of muscles is very much valued.

The craftsmanship of the unit is beautiful, making a nice addition to the bedroom where it is set up. I have recommended your brand specifically as I am very pleased with the quality and service.

Chimene P

I use the Sauna 5-6 times a week.

I get a very good sweat and get the benefits of the panels being 100% on for the full 40 minute session.

The front panel is awesome as I experience the full 360 degree radiation. As well the panels are at shoulder level so my head does not overheat. I have experienced that from trying out other saunas and it becomes quite uncomfortable once your head and face become overheated. Makes you want to shorten your session.

I had some aches and pains in my feet i.e. Plantar Fasciitis and the heat from the floor panels have helped with that.

I have a health condition that makes my muscles constantly ache and 5-6 sessions a week greatly helps with that.

I used the sauna at night, so the parasympathetic effect helps the relaxation and I tend to sleep better after a sauna, followed up with a cool shower.

Thomas T. Vancouver BC

Your saunas are gorgeous. The innovation in the Evolve actually took my breath away. The prices are excellent, especially given the quality.

I am very impressed with the Sun Stream Infrared saunas, so it is no surprise that my son’s ND recommends them

Thanks for making such gorgeous and effective products.

Tara M. Ottawa ON

Yes, I have been using the sauna but of course! It’s great! I’m loving it and still can’t believe it’s actually here! I love the colour therapy and the stereo is working great!

It seems to warm up super fast, faster than I expected compared to other saunas.

Tannis. Victoria BC

Here are a sample of the comments made by our many happy customers who purchased the evolve 30 sauna

WOW!! We both had our first sauna session last night and were quite blown away! My husband has been very reluctant to buy an infrared sauna as he has had so much conventional sauna experience working in Scandinavia – it was only on my insistence that the infrared option would be so much better for my health issues that he relented. From the moment of construction he has been impressed with the styling and quality, and actually curious to give it a go (which I thought would take weeks of tempting). Within a single session he has announced he is a convert!

I have had a bit of experience with the infrared sauna experience after a 12 session pack at a local naturopathic clinic offering use of an iHealth sauna, but it still did not prepare me for how efficient and relaxed your Evolve 30 sauna experience is. With the previous sessions the temperature had always been set at 56 degrees Celsius, and although infinitely easier to handle in terms of breathing and radiant heat overload than a conventional sauna, it still took a lot of will power and quite a bit of discomfort to last a session. It also took a long time to sweat!

In your Evolve 30 last night we both had a ’sheen’ within 5 minutes, and a full blown, but comfortable sweat within 10 minutes (where it used to take 30-40 mins in the iHealth sauna), and could reduce the intensity and maintain the effect at a mere 44 degrees! I did not feel remotely uncomfortable or claustrophobic with the gentle heat level, and breathing was a breeze. Thus although already an infrared convert, I am now a firm Evolve 30 convert!

As my husband commented, “this is going to make winter a pleasure”, and I am sure even if only used more medicinally in the warmer months, it will still be relaxing.

Cate N

I want to say thank you for taking the time to answer my questions on your saunas. I am so impressed by the build quality, the attention to detail, and the perfection of the Evolve 30 design and function. Many saunas when adding width also seem to add depth making them too big for most people’s space requirements. The size of the 30 is absolutely perfect while giving room to stretch out and put your feet up yet still fit in a reasonable space.

All of my worries/questions were resolved when the sauna arrived and I put it together.

The EMF levels measured EXTREMELY low, (just as promised) and the full surround heater design is miles ahead of any competitors. I couldn’t be more pleased and feel I absolutely made the right choice!


Kevin B

I have the evolve 30 and love it! Highly recommend! I have a VERY GOOD sweat going in 10 minutes….Its beautiful and exactly as expected and advertised. The evolve is unique in that you are surrounded completely in infrared. It heats up great, GREAT SWEAT! The colored lights are beautiful and relaxing, excellent speakers to play music while you sauna. I suggest more people look into the Sun Stream Infrared Sauna instead of just going with the one that you see marketed the most on the internet. You’ll never get this kind of personal attention, great price and knowledge anywhere else!

Mary O.

I’ve been using the Sun Stream Evolve 30 for a couple weeks now and I am super happy with it. Great quality and a nice looking addition to my gym. The amount of heat is incredible! So much stronger than the Clearlight models I’ve tried at spas. 30-40 minutes at full power is all I can handle so far…but that gives me a great sweat! I appreciate what you are doing in this confusing industry, and if you should ever need me as a reference I would be happy to help.

Dean B

So thrilled with my recent purchase of the Evolve 30 sauna. Easy to assemble and works like a charm. I really did my research before buying and spoke with sales reps at many of the companies selling IR saunas. Hands down I got the most detailed technical and scientific analysis from SunStream. Must have sent Kevin a dozen emails which he always ended with “keep your questions coming”. Saunas are designed to provide max IR coverage vs competition and price wise much better value than the other North American vendors. Truly a satisfied customer

Marc E.

Everything is intact and the sauna is absolutely amazing. You have truly outdone yourself!!!! keep it up. cant wait till we save up enough money for the light therapy. Many Thanks and kindest regards


I received it Friday the 17th of August and had it ready to go that evening! I have to say, WOW!!! It is amazing!! The quality is 2nd to none and was super easy to assemble. I think I mentioned I had a Dynamic for a few years and this is light years ahead!! I love it! And the panels all around are superb!!

Paul P.

We got our 3 person sauna from Kevin and we just love it! Kevin was so educational and not pushy at all. We made an educated decision and we are reaping the benefits of our sauna. Thanks Kevin

Theresa G

Love the Sauna. Even my 13 year old daughter jumped in yesterday. I wasn’t sure how solid it was going to be given there’s only a few screws in the main assembly but I’m impressed. Everything fits together nicely and it’s a solid box. Thanks for your great customer service.

Fred M.

Here are a sample of the comments made by our many happy customers who purchased the Supreme 2 sauna

Our sauna arrived during the week and it has been set up for a few days now. I just wanted to tell you how simple it was to put together for us. Since it has been set up, we have used it every day and are feeling great! We absolutely love it. Thank you for making an affordable product that has so many benefits.

Tracee and Jamie, QLD

Thank you for sauna, it was very easy to assemble. Denise and I both are very happy with the product and I am sure we will enjoy for many years.

I enjoy my I POD music in the sauna

Randy, Encinitas, California

We set up our sauna yesterday and wanted to say how easy it was to put together. It really was simple and the instructions were so easy to follow. We are so excited to use it regularly. Thanks!

Cindy, Calgary, AB

I am very impressed at your professional installation and attitude on answering my questions… your nano-carbon panel heaters worked quite fast and effectively. The sauna has helped to increase my circulation and body temperature.

Heman, Richmond BC

We have been using our sauna for a month now and just love it. The chromo therapy is incredible… along with a few drops of eucalyptus oil in the dispenser makes my sauna experience so incredibly healthy and rejuvenating!

Quesnel, BC

We are using the sauna a lot and loving it. I’m not sure it has gone a day without being used and often two or three of us having saunas. I am so pleased with our purchase. I call him Sunny… I am bragging to lots of people about our new wonderful addition.

Emily, Victoria, BC

I delivered the five saunas to all the family members and we have set up two, with two more to go after supper. Everything is fine so far, and they really look great.

Toby, Lethbridge, AB

We are so very pleased with your product

Thank you Kevin I am most grateful for all you have done my wife and I, it is appreciated. If anybody I know is in the market for a sauna, you can be assured I will recommend your company. We are so very pleased with your product & the above & beyond service.

Neville & Denise, Medicine Hat AB

…absolutely love it !

I use the sauna almost every day in the winter and weekly during the summer months and absolutely love it. It’s easy to operate and extremely beneficial for fibromyalgia pain.

I have recommended Sun Stream saunas to both family and friends and everyone has been very happy with both the customer service provided by this company and their sauna.

Lana and Rob, Regina, SK

We are loving the sauna !

We have installed the sauna and are using it every night. We are loving the sauna.

Thanks for all the time and information you gave me. I know this is a fantastic investment for my family’s health. Thanks

Lauren, Thornhill ON

Here are a sample of the comments made by our many happy customers who purchased the Supreme 3 sauna

Hi Mark, I just wanted to tell you how much I love this sauna! I had a FIR cedar sauna about 7 years ago, which was similarly priced at the time. This sauna is far superior in my opinion, in terms of quality build and materials.

Garbriele, Merimbula, NSW

Thank you we have received our sauna on Saturday. Wow!!! I’m in love, and have enjoyed 2 days of relaxation just me and the heat.

Joanne C. Auckland

Sauna is working perfect … we are truly amazed at how well everything works and how great the sauna feels when it is -30 Celcius outside

Bob, Regina, SK

Its been six months and I use the sauna regularly. The construction is solid thoughout with the clear grade basswood and electrical hook ups fitting together with precision. The design of this sauna is simple and attractive and has been a great addition to the bath area.

Dan, Atlanta, Georgia

I feel the heat is necessary for the dancers. Using the sauna to warm up before a rehearsal, before a treatment or a workout adds to the effectiveness of their overall program that I have set up for them. It’s a great addition to the rehab programs and the maintenance of proper health for the dancers at the National Ballet of Canada.

Paul Papoutsakis
Certified Althletic Therapist, National Ballet of Canada,Toronto ON

…all the heaters measured low EMF. I was very pleased with that finding.

In checking other companies where they have advertised that their heaters gave out low EMFs when I put them to the test some were actually over 100 mG. I love how the wooden grids come off to clean the floor heater and wall heaters if they get splashed with sweat. It’s easy for my staff to go in, wipe them off and keep the sauna sanitary.

Dr. Ian Yamane, DC
Clinic Director, Valhalla Wellness & Medical Centers, Las Vegas, Nevada