A low-EMF infrared saunas Brisbane can potentially help you avoid a range of adverse effects.

Infrared Saunas Brisbane: How a Low-EMF Sauna Makes a Difference

It’s general information that infrared saunas induce health benefits to provide an alternative treatment to long-lasting treatment without any notable adverse effects.However, you might notice that most infrared sauna models (including ours) sport terms such as EMF and ELF in their range of features. This article will inform you what EMF and ELF are, their potential health effects, and how they possibly tie into infrared saunas in Brisbane by glossing over research-backed concerns and considerations.


What are EMFs?

Electromagnetic fields, or EMF, are a combination of invisible electric and magnetic energy (commonly referred to as radiation) that surrounds most electronic devices. 

EMFs are most prevalent in modern times as technology has grown exponentially in recent decades. Mobile phones, power lines, and Wi-Fi are some of the most common examples that generate electromagnetic fields.


Why Should You Be Concerned About Them?

According to the World Health Organization, EMFs adversely affect our bodies as we have our own electric and biochemical responses. A good example would be your organ systems (like the skin) that rely on your own electrical signals to function.

However, exposure to these fields at a cellular level may cause our body to interact in negative ways that may lead to long-term health effects. The way this works is that electromagnetic waves lead to an increase in cell death due to oxidative stress.

To provide further context, oxidative stress is a physiological process that occurs when there are more free radicals than protective antioxidants currently present in your body – the presence of these molecules adopt electrons from other compounds, disrupting key metabolic processes and enzymic reactions from important proteins and lipids.

Back in 2011, the WHO International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) published a paper that suggests that EMFs could possibly be carcinogenic to humans.

There are also animal studies suggesting that long exposure to EMFs can cause malignant tumours to become active in the heart, and maybe even tumours in the brain and adrenal glands.

However, that’s not all according to one study. Adverse effects may also include headaches, fatigue, muscle pain, nausea, sleep disturbances, and short-term memory loss in mobile phone users.

A 2013 review also summarised the available evidence at the time and found that electromagnetic waves increase cancer risk, male infertility, potential cancers and neurodegenerative diseases.


Avoiding High EMF Exposure With Sun Stream Saunas

As the saying goes, ‘health is wealth‘ – and one way to ensure this good will, when picking an infrared sauna in Brisbane, is to choose one that emits virtually close to zero EMF when running.

Why? Infrared saunas operate using electricity. Once you’re inside, you’re practically surrounded by potentially harmful EMF as most sauna models in the market (including ours) have Wi-Fi or Bluetooth access for a more immersive experience.

Now this would normally be a cause for concern for wellness enthusiasts looking to induce health benefits in their body, not damage it. However, here’s how our infrared saunas MAKE a difference:

  • Our saunas use Ultra Low EMF & ELF Carbon Heaters, which are better versions of carbon fibre panel heaters on the market today. Our EHS heaters are uniquely designed in a way that they minimise potential EF/ELF inside, rendering almost all of them harmless before they have a chance to leave the device.  This results in near zero EMF emissions (about <1mG), which is lower than the standard <2.5mg limit. This is an important feature that sets us above the competition as very few competitors have made the effort to mitigate these byproducts. Most sauna models on the market today use conductive cloths, meshes, or metal grills which is significantly less effective than eliminating at the source.
  • To further provide a close-to-zero EMF emission, our built-in electric devices such as our Colour Light Therapy punch above their weight as they only use a very low wattage and our Bluetooth Audio Module is also designed to reduce RF to near zero levels.

If this article piques your interest, we invite you to take a look at our range of infrared saunas in Brisbane and see how they can benefit you. Not only do they have built-in ultra-low EMF & ELF technology, but our smallest model only costs 1390W (or about $0.35) per hour to run.

As always, feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions regarding our infrared saunas in Brisbane, sauna models, electromagnetic field safety, or wellness in general!