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From choice of materials to innovative heater technology, every Sun Stream infrared sauna is produced with your health in mind.

Infrared Saunas Melbourne

Elevate your health practices with the ultimate relaxation provided by our Sun Stream Infrared saunas in Melbourne! Beyond the benefits that saunas bring to your bodily health, the need to source materials without compromising on quality has always been our priority – we care about the product as a practice you’ll keep throughout your lifetime. When it comes to Infrared Saunas in Melbourne, we stand out for quality, performance, and safety. Discover why the industry’s saunas Melbourne enthusiasts trust us for the most invigorating and rejuvenating sauna experience. Don’t settle for less; bring your wellness journey to new heights with Sun Stream today!

Evolve Mini
1 Person
Our Sun Stream ‘Evolve Mini’ is small on footprint but huge on performance – the world’s most powerful sauna of its size!
Evolve 10
1 Person
The Evolve 10 provides a superior immersion in infrared radiant heat with our industry leading 360º infrared body coverage.
Evolve Corner
2 Person
The Evolve Corner delivers more Infrared radiant heat to your body than most 2 person saunas and features our Industry first Complete 360 Degree Infrared Body Coverage.
Evolve 20
2 Person
Boasting 25% more power (Watts) than most other 2 person saunas, the Evolve 20 features our industry first 360º infrared body coverage.
Evolve 30
3 Person
This is a true innovation for Infrared saunas, surrounding you with our 360º ultra low EMF & ELF heaters, for a faster & heavier sweat!
Supreme 2
2 Person
Our Supreme 2 home infrared sauna provides adequate room for two people or spacious room for one.
Supreme 4
4 Person
The movable bench system allows several different configurations providing adequate room for four people or spacious room for two.

Four reasons that make Sun Stream the first choice for infrared saunas in Melbourne, VIC



Our innovative heater technology reduces EMF and ELF to industry low levels, making Sun Stream saunas safer than any other brand on the market.


Superior performance

The most complete body coverage of any sauna brand, our heater placement and 360º technology provides greater immersion in radiant heat.


Lifetime warranty

The Sun Stream range comes with a Residential Lifetime Warranty which includes the heaters, electronic control system, cabinet, and even the light bulbs.


Free delivery

We offer free delivery to most major metropolitan centres and regional locations. Please contact us to find out if our free delivery applies to your location.

Exploring the benefits of infrared sauna with SunStream Saunas

Benefits of Infrared Saunas Melbourne

For those who have been eager to incorporate heat exposure into a healthy routine, choosing an Infrared Sauna in Melbourne is a smart move for your health and wellness. Unlike traditional saunas, Infrared Saunas in Melbourne use gentle, penetrating heat to detoxify your body, ease muscle tension, and promote deep relaxation. Plus, they’re energy-efficient and offer a rejuvenating escape from the bustling city life. For those in the city, Sun Stream Saunas Melbourne is the go-to sauna provider for your health journey! Some of these benefits can include:

Sauna Muscle Recovery

Muscle Recovery

Saunas Boost Immunity

Immune System Boost

Infrared Saunas Detoxification


Sauna for Heart Health

Heart Health

Benefits of the Sauna for Skin

Skin Benefits

Infrared Sauna Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Not sure which sauna is right for you?

We know choosing a sauna can be a big decision, and something that can take a lot of time to research, that’s why we’re offering to do all the hard work for you.

Simply let us know which Sun Stream sauna you’re interested in and the competitor’s product you’d like to compare it against, and we’ll do our best to send you an impartial evaluation of the two models.

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Choose the infrared saunas Melbourne locals trust

Established in 1999, Sun Stream Saunas has always been totally committed to improving your health and wellbeing. We sell the infrared saunas Melbourne locals trust because they have been designed with your safety in mind. All Sun Stream Saunas are completely free of toxic glues and off-gassing materials.

Taking the guesswork out of finding a sauna for sale in Melbourne

When they buy a sauna Melbourne customers can look forward to some amazing health benefits. The proven health benefits associated with regular infrared sauna use include detoxification, cardiovascular and fitness benefits, decreased pain and inflammation, longevity, cognitive and mental health benefits, skin benefits, immune system benefits and resistance to infection.

Heat therapy and sauna use have been shown to boost the immune system and increase our resistance to viral infections. When our cells are exposed to heat, they increase their levels of proteins called heat shock proteins, which increase the cells’ resistance to many types of stressors including heat, low oxygen, oxidative stress, toxicant exposure, and infection.

If they’re still wondering whether it’s worthwhile to buy an infrared sauna, Melbourne customers need only look at the many benefits. Not least of which will be that infrared sauna users have a reduced risk of contracting pneumonia and other respiratory diseases.


The role of heat shock proteins and their receptors in the activation of the immune system. Singh-Jasuja H, Hilf N, Arnold-Schild D, Schild H. Biol Chem. 2001 Apr;382(4):629-36

How is the immune response affected by hyperthermia and heat shock proteins? Calderwood SK, Theriault JR, Gong J. Int J Hyperthermia. 2005 Dec;21(8):713-6

Sauna bathing reduces the risk of respiratory diseases: a long-term prospective cohort study. Kunutsor SK, Laukkanen T, Laukkanen JA. Eur J Epidemiol. 2017 Dec;32(12):1107-1111

Enjoy the benefits of the home sauna Melbourne locals love

If you’re wondering whether you will benefit from purchasing one of our models for your home, the answer is a resounding yes. Many wellness experts use these themselves and can’t stop raving about how great our high-quality saunas are. You just need to check the numerous reviews to discover there are many health benefits others are gaining from using one.

We sell our models at a reasonable price so that anyone can afford to have the incredible home sauna Melbourne locals love to come home to. Whether you want one just for one person, or up to four, we’ve got a sauna for you. Start detoxing your body and living in luxury by ordering one of these today. Once it arrives, it’s pretty straightforward to set up, thanks to the slotting mechanisms. All you need is the instruction manual and a screwdriver, and you’ll have it up and running in no time.

You can find out more information about our infrared saunas for sale in Melbourne by calling for a chat with our friendly team today. To experience the best sauna Melbourne has to offer, simply request a price list, or ask about a trial today.

How Do I Buy A Sun Stream Infrared Sauna In Melbourne

With Free Delivery to Melbourne and most regional destinations, owning your own sauna couldn’t be easier. Simply download our pricing, send us a message or call us on 1800 316 962 to speak with one of our sales staff.