Infrared Saunas Detoxification

What Is Detoxification?

Beyond its place in the world as an entry-level buzzword – waypoint to narratives of alternative health interventions, practices and trends that claim to optimising a healthy lifestyle – infrared sauna detoxification revolves around the removal of toxic minerals, metals and other contaminants from the body by putting the body in a state of sauna-induced, sweat-heavy heat. By sweating, in other words, sauna detox benefits look toward excreting harmful substances from the body for the purposes of improving liver health, metabolism, cardiovascular health and a whole host of associated conditions.

Infrared Saunas Detoxification

How Does Infrared Sauna Detoxification Work?

As we understand it, the health benefits of infrared sauna use places huge significance on the human body’s processes of cooling and internal temperature control, as its main vehicle to piggyback the auxiliary health provisions that taking a session in the hot seat brings.

The production of sweat, in this case, comes as one of the primary ways for your body to bring the temperature of its internal working environment down to an ideal range (37 degrees). The increased temperature signals your body to increase its rate of blood circulation, and radiate its flow closer to your skin where heat can dissipate away from the body’s hot core. Similar to sauna cardiovascular benefits, increasing blood flow benchmarks the foundation for how sauna detox benefits are wrung from the body.

Here, the facilitated circulation carries heat in its stream, and brings its flow toward the skin. Sweat is released from the pores of the skin, which absorb the excess heat carried by your blood flow to evaporate – the cooled bloodstream then circulates back throughout the body, cooling it as it does so.

Though sweat is largely composed of water, salt and other skin-protective compounds, harmful toxic elements like mercury, lead and arsenic have been shown to be released in its company, with lead and chromium appearing as much as 30 times higher in concentration when compared to other avenues of waste, like urine and blood.

As higher rates of blood circulation expedite the process of oxygen-waste exchange during metabolization, the sweat that’s excreted during infrared sauna detoxification theorises a higher concentration when compared to more traditional detoxing fads.

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This information is not intended to prescribe a particular health issue or course of action. We are not medical professionals, so please contact your GP or health practitioner for medical advise.

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