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Infrared Sauna For Weight Loss: Correlation Or Causation?
When it comes to weight loss management, the number of ‘quick fixes’ proposed are countless, making it hard to decipher what is fact and what is fiction. A commonly proposed solution is the use of infrared saunas for weight loss. At Sun Stream Infrared Saunas, we specialise in delivering therapeutically effective infrared saunas with high […]

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Balancing Cholesterol: Can Saunas Contribute to Heart Wellness?
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A Customisable Routine To Maximise Sauna For Heart Health
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Unlocking Holistic Sauna Muscle Recovery: The Power of Sauna Therapy Integration
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Contrast Therapy: Benefits of Sauna and Ice Bath
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Far Infrared Sauna vs. Red Light Therapy: Complementary Healing Modalities
We compare infrared saunas and red-light therapy, to discern whether they are competitors or complementary in promoting [...]
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