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Achieving good health in a world full of toxins has become a daily challenge for all humans. Buying an Infrared Sauna is one of the best ways to release those toxins and maintain a healthy body.
Our website contains a wealth of information including Doctor testimonials and interviews to assist you in your search for the best, healthiest and safest home Infrared sauna Australia has to offer.

Sun Stream is undoubtedly the best
I really appreciate being able to use a Sun Stream Sauna at our Integrative Medical centre in Australia . The combination of low EMF and complete Far Infrared Body Coverage make Sun stream saunas a unique and super useful tool for both our chronic illness recovery clients as well as our clients who wish to maintain and improve their overall sense of vitality and wellness. Highly recommended!

Dr Oscar Serrallach

Complete 360 Degree Infrared Body Coverage.
- Your Pathway To Better Health

Because Infrared Saunas work by heating the body directly, the more radiant heat that can be directly targeted right at your body, the faster & heavier you will sweat as the radiant heat gets absorbed by the moisture in your skin.

The majority of Infrared Saunas on the market today do not have heaters installed on the front wall. In addition to this, what you see in most brands is the side wall heaters stopping short at the front of the seat. Therefore no radiant heat is projected on to the front of your body.

Our Sun Stream Evolve 360 degree home saunas provide a superior immersion in radiant heat with one of our large 300 Watt heaters placed directly in front of you on the door, providing true 360 Degrees of Surround Infrared Heat, the most complete Infrared Body Coverage of all Sauna brands.

Established in 1999, Sun Stream Infrared Saunas has been totally committed to improving your health and well-being by providing the most therapeutically effective infrared saunas for sale in Australia.

Designed with your safety in mind, all Sun Stream Infrared saunas feature our Nano Carbon Ultra Low EMF & ELF Heaters, 100% Hypoallergenic Basswood (no toxic plywood used anywhere is our saunas) and FDA approved non toxic food safe glue construction – we go the extra mile to eliminate all toxic off-gassing materials.

It is our hope that many people can experience an improved quality of life with less toxins and pain through the use of our Sun Stream Infrared saunas.

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