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Achieving good health in a world full of toxins has become a daily challenge for all humans. When you buy a sauna, you can experience one of the best ways to release those toxins and maintain a healthy body.
Our website contains a wealth of information including doctor testimonials and interviews to assist you in your search for the best, healthiest, and safest home infrared saunas Australia has to offer.

Sun Stream is undoubtedly the best
I really appreciate being able to use a Sun Stream Sauna at our Integrative Medical centre in Australia . The combination of low EMF and complete Far Infrared Body Coverage make Sun stream saunas a unique and super useful tool for both our chronic illness recovery clients as well as our clients who wish to maintain and improve their overall sense of vitality and wellness. Highly recommended!

Dr Oscar Serrallach

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Our infrared saunas give complete 360-degree body coverage

Sun Stream Infrared Saunas offers one of North America’s original and best infrared sauna brands, and they’re now available in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States of America. With 20 years of design experience, these are the saunas Australia can count on. Sun Stream Saunas is dedicated to providing you the most powerful, effective and healthiest infrared sauna experience possible!

When you buy an infrared sauna from Sun Stream, you know that careful consideration has been given to all aspects of construction – heater sizing, heater placement and sauna room sizing to ensure that a maximum amount of infrared radiant heat is delivered to your body in a healthy non-toxic sauna environment. These are Sun Stream’s top priorities and the reason we are now the trusted name for anyone wanting a home sauna Australia wide.

So many infrared sauna brands on the market are produced with little engineering thought for sauna performance and effectiveness and with disregard for the toxicity of construction materials. If you are looking for the best-infrared sauna Australia has to offer, then make sure it’s from Sun Stream.

Sun Stream’s Evolve 360 saunas surround you in a complete 360-degree radius with our low EMF/ELF carbon panel heaters including our exclusive front door mounted heaters delivering MORE INFRARED to your body. When looking to buy an infrared sauna Australia can rely on TRUE 360-degree infrared body coverage.

To ensure a healthy sauna experience, Sun Stream saunas are built with 100% solid woods (Canadian Hemlock or hardwood Basswood) with absolutely NO plywood and NO particleboard, and use brand-name ‘Titebond’ wood glues, meeting the FDA criteria for food contact safety in the US. This sturdy construction means it’s also the perfect choice if you want the type of outdoor infrared sauna Australia can count on to cope with our climate. Just protect it from rainfall, cover it with our canvas covers when not in use, and you’re ready to go.

Sun Stream are the team to turn to when you want a sauna for sale Australia wide. The infrared sauna industry has changed for the better with the introduction of our low EMF (low magnetic field heaters). The new Evolve EHS heater system cancelling both EMF magnetic fields and EF/ELF electric fields creates a new, all-time industry standard.

The Evolve 360 is available in a 1 person or 2 person infrared sauna, a space saving mini sauna design, or a family sized 3 person design.

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Sauna for sale – experience the benefits

Are you ready to explore the option of getting a 2 person sauna, 3 person sauna, or 4 person sauna for your home? These are a great addition to any home. Enjoy the warm and welcoming experience of having a home infrared sauna – a place where you can relax and be calm.

So, why should you choose an infrared sauna over a traditional one? A sauna is any system of heat that has the intention of making people sweat. Traditional saunas contain only one heat source which heats the air in the room. Far infrared saunas work by warming your body directly as it naturally absorbs the heat through the moisture in the skin and is drawn in deeper through conduction to the muscles, to induce a deep and heavy sweat. So, while infrared saunas are not as hot inside as traditional ones,

your body gets warmer and can sweat just as much, if not more. Don’t get drawn in by just any ‘full spectrum’ infrared sauna for sale on the market today, as the evidence does not support that these are any better than standard far infrared saunas.

Many people find that an infrared sauna’s temperature is much easier to handle than a traditional one. Traditional saunas vary in temperature from 70 – 80 degrees. Meanwhile, infrared options usually remain at around 46 – 57 degrees.

This allows you to stay in there longer and get the most out of the experience. Even better, they only take approximately 10 – 15 minutes to heat up, compared with the 30 – 40 minutes a traditional sauna takes.

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Buy a sauna - your pathway to better health

There are numerous proven health benefits associated with infrared saunas, including skin rejuvenation, relief for aches and pains, arthritic conditions, detoxification, better circulation, weight loss, improved immunity and more. When you buy the family, 1 person, or 2 person sauna Australia loves you can see the benefits for yourself.

Got a cold or the flu? It might be hard to get out of bed but if you jump into one of our infrared saunas, you may start feeling much better. Raising the temperature of your body can help to kill fungi, bacteria, and viruses.

Eliminate those infections that have you feeling ill. It may seem counterintuitive, but remember that when you are truly sick, you’ll often run a fever. This is your body’s way of warming you up to fight infection. Getting into a sauna can speed this process along.

Rather than venturing to an outdoor sauna or going to your local swimming pool, many people enjoy having a sauna in their home. You can buy a sauna in Australia to suit your needs. Choose a 1 person sauna, 2 person, 3 person or 4 person option so you can enjoy the benefits of a sauna that perfectly suits your family.

What Our Customers Say

Kaytee Boyd, NZ
FANTASTIC company, efficient, exceptional and professional service. I have recommended these saunas to my clients and will continue to do so. THANK YOU so much!!!
Daniel Kirk, Australia
I chose Sun Stream for their Ultra Low EMF’s & toxic free materials, I also sweat faster in my Sun Stream than I have in other Infrared saunas I have used in the past.
Alex Fergus, NZ
Compared to other leading brands I've tested, the Evolve 20 delivers a faster heavier sweat due to its 360 degree Infrared body coverage. It’s also the lowest EMF & ELF sauna I’ve tested. It's truly exceeded my expectations!