Sauna for Heart Health: How Long to Stay Inside for Maximum Benefits and Safety

Sauna for Heart Health: How Long to Stay Inside for Maximum Benefits and Safety

Over time, saunas have been proven as a reliable relaxation and socialisation method that also provides health benefits. Renowned for their capacity to induce heavy body sweat, engaging in regular sessions of infrared saunas promotes the cleansing of the body and relaxation of the muscles. In today’s article, we explore and explain the benefits of sauna for heart health. Improvements to health from a regular engagement of sauna use can include efficient blood circulation, stress relief, detoxification, and even potential cardiovascular benefits.

Here at Sun Stream Saunas, we provide information about sauna sessions so you are prepared to achieve safe and optimal results. 


The Science Behind Saunas and Heart Health

Among the wide range of benefits that sauna sessions deliver, there are many to your heart health. Firstly, their elevation of body circulation; functioning from its  dilation of blood vessels, circulation heightens in an effort to cycle heat of the body faster. In a sauna, the heat increases your heart rate, which can resemble a mild workout, mimicking effects of cardiovascular fitness.

According to past research, multiple sauna sessions reduce the likelihood of heart-related conditions, such as heart attacks and strokes. Furthermore, a sauna session can stimulate endorphins released in your body. Released endorphins leads to overall relaxation and decreased stress levels, which is an indirect benefit to the heart by lowering its load of stressors on effects like inflammation and hormonal management.

The increased sweat production from the heat of the sauna allows for the process of detoxification. The body facilitates the removal of toxins and waste through its pores – with amounts of metals and particular toxins rivalling that of urine – lending a better management of intracellular operations they would typically inhibit.

Please note that although saunas for heart health is beneficial, it is advised to consult with healthcare providers before starting your sauna sessions. Specific individuals are unable to use saunas due to medical conditions and other circumstances that make it risky and unsafe.


The Optimal Sauna Duration for Heart Health Benefits

Advice for New Beginners: 

Due to lack of experience, it is advised for beginners to start their sauna treatment journey with shorter sessions which enables your body to gradually become more comfortable and adapt to the heat.

These shorter beginner sessions should commence with a duration between 5 to 10 minutes, allowing beginners to be cautious and decrease the possibilities of any negative reactions or adverse body responses.

Our advice is to emphasise safety for the new beginners as a priority. However, beginners can slowly increase the duration once they are accustomed to the duration of regular sauna sessions with no unusual reactions.


Advice for Regular Sauna Users:

Regular sauna session users are advised to increase the session duration between 15 to 20 minutes, being more accustomed to the sauna. This is the recommended sauna session duration to achieve optimal results and full benefits. However, it is crucial to acknowledge your body’s limitations and not go beyond the boundaries as it is unsafe.


Factors to Consider for Sauna Duration

Age and Health Status

  • It is important to follow the guidelines from the German Sauna Federation, which suggests the possibility of starting in the 4th month for healthy babies. However, the Professional Association of Paediatricians and Adolescent Doctors states that sauna use should not be done before the first year of life. Please consult with healthcare professionals for babies, and be weary of what conditions are best fit for your body. 
  • As expected, healthy younger individuals usually have a higher level of tolerance for sauna sessions of longer durations, compared to older adults or individuals with health conditions.
  • Therefore, it is advised that older seniors or individuals with medical issues must understand their time limitations as a way to stop negative consequences like overheating or other complications.

Type of Saunas

  •  Traditional saunas tend to operate at higher temperatures, thus this means it is safer to have shorter sauna sessions in order to prevent dehydration or discomfort.
  •  Infrared saunas use heat waves that penetrate directly into your body, which enables lower temperatures as well as longer sauna sessions.

Heat Tolerance

  • Every individual has different head tolerance levels and it is important to understand this.
  • Always try to begin your treatment with shorter sauna sessions before the gradual increase of longer sauna sessions. 

Tips for a Safe and Enjoyable Sauna Experience

  • Hydration: The heat of a sauna can cause symptoms of dehydration if you have not drank plenty of fluids throughout your day. To prevent dehydration, remember to always drink water before and after your sauna sessions.
  • Time Management: Time management is critical to ensure a safe sauna session – remember to not go beyond your recommended time limitations as longer durations in the sauna can be unsafe.
  • Clothing: Before your sauna session, remember to select the recommended clothing so that you can have a pleasant experience. It is advised to wear clothing that is minimal loose-fitting and comfortable so that your body effectively regulates the high temperatures in the sauna. 
  • Cooling Down: Allocate some time to cool down after your sauna session through gradual resting and allowing your body to return to its normal temperature. 
  • Listen to Your Body: Always listen to how your body naturally responds during the sauna session and leave the sauna if you feel unusual responses like dizziness, lightheadedness, or other forms of discomfort – this is for your safety!


At Sunstream Saunas, we provide a variety of sauna models and look forward to helping you on your well being journey. Please contact us and improve your heart health with sauna sessions today!