How does thermotherapy contribute in infrared sauna muscle recovery?

Thermotherapy For Athletes: Using Infrared Sauna Muscle Recovery

Thermotherapy, or heat therapy, is the practice of exposing the body to high temperatures, resulting in improved blood flow by vasodilation. By extension, metabolism and tissue flexibility may also increase during heat therapy. The practice is commonly used for muscle recovery purposes.
One method of whole-body thermotherapy includes the use of infrared saunas, a type of dry sauna that is able to directly heat the body through infrared light panels, without heating the surrounding environment. At Sun Stream Infrared Saunas, we specialise in delivering therapeutically effective infrared saunas with high quality materials. With over 20 years of experience creating healthy and safe saunas for Australians, we stand behind the plentiful benefits of infrared saunas. Join us as we take a deep dive into how using infrared sauna muscle recovery occurs.


Improved Circulation 

Regularly using a dry sauna is linked to many heart-related benefits. There are a significant number of studies suggesting that the use of infrared light rays have a positive effect on the management of heart conditions such as cardiovascular disease.

This extends to greater blood circulation, induced by the vasodilation that occurs when in the sauna. The primary benefit of increased vasodilation is that a greater quantity of nutrient-containing oxygen is able to circulate into the body’s tissues. Nutrients such as collagen are vital to muscle building, and essential amino acids are crucial in the muscle repair and protein synthesis process.


Pain Management

There has been a point in every athlete’s career where the impact of yesterday’s workout meant extreme pain and soreness of muscles the following day. This is most likely due to delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), which is brought about by muscular inflammation. 

Thermotherapy is commonly recommended for conditions such as muscular pain, brought about by sport-related injuries. When blood flow increases, as it does through thermotherapy, bodily stiffness and muscle aches begin to ease, allowing for relief from muscle pain. Infrared therapy during the recovery process also aids in decreasing inflammation, and as a result, muscular pain.


Increased Flexibility

An indirect result of muscular relaxation during thermotherapy is that the external heat can make muscles more pliant. With increased flexibility, the risk of injury during exercise and heavy lifting dramatically decreases. 


Can Infrared Saunas Impact Muscle Growth? 

Studies suggest that heat therapy may be linked to increased muscle mass and protein. For optimal recovery, it is recommended to use an infrared sauna following a workout. However, using it prior to a workout can also enhance the process of muscle remodeling.


How We Can Help – Infrared Sauna Muscle Recovery

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