Maximising IR Sauna Benefits at Home

Installation Tips for Maximising IR Sauna Benefits at Home

Using infrared (IR) saunas brings numerous health benefits: detoxification, managing stress and improving your body’s circulatory system, among others. If you seriously want to take advantage of your IR sauna benefits, a fundamental step would be to go for a quality installation, ensuring that your product effectively delivers in the first place.


1. Selecting the Right Location:

  • Select an area that has sufficient ventilation and electric inputs.
  • A place close to a bathroom can be sought, for instance, for those looking for quick showers after their sauna session.

2. Ensuring Proper Ventilation:

  • Install a vent fan close to you, to avoid condensation and moisture buildup while keeping airflow constant.
  • Proper ventilation keeps moulds and mildew from growing, thereby maintaining a fresh and safer sauna atmosphere.

3. Electrical Considerations:

  • By choosing the right sauna installation experts, you can ensure that dedicated wiring is installed for optimal safety and efficiency, preventing potential hazards like electrical circuit overload.

4.  Assembly and Installation:

  • Safety and structural integrity should be taken into account when following the instructions during the assembly process provided by the manufacturer.
  • Make sure that the components of the structure are fastened using high-quality tools and materials to ensure a strong connection.
  • Alternatively, consult a professional for assistance in assembly if self-installation is not your forte.

Flooring and Surface Protection:

  • Install flooring materials that are resistant to high temperatures, such as ceramic tiles on the floor below the sauna.

6. Optimising Seating and Layout:

  • Make sure the sauna seating is comfortable inside, with sufficient space for movement and relaxation to ensure that you can enjoy your IR sauna benefits in your own home.
  • Make sure the heating panels are placed in such a way that they will send infrared heat evenly to each part of the sauna.
  • Think of incorporating numerous seats for many occupants, for those considering entertaining guests, and lounging positions.

7. Lighting and Ambiance:

  • With installation of soft, dimmable lights, your lighting consideration creates a cosy environment that will facilitate unwinding and meditation, for those who are a little more sensitive to photostimulation.

8. Temperature Control and Monitoring:

  • For those concerned about the intensity of their session, you can acquire high-quality models or systems that will ensure that the sauna temperature can be regulated precisely.
  • Use thermometers in the key sites and check the heat distribution periodically to maintain satisfactory temperature at all points.

9. Maintenance and Cleaning:

  • Develop a sustained cleaning plan to scrape off sweat, oils, and bacteria from all surfaces.
  • Periodically inspect heating elements and electrical connections for guaranteed safety and efficiency.

By following these installation tips, you will be able to achieve a secure, cosy experience and even enjoy your IR sauna benefits in your own home while enjoying a relaxing session. Give ventilation, good electricity, and proper structure a priority so that your sauna will have the lifespan and the health benefits you desire. A well- designed setup makes it possible to enjoy the healing benefits of infrared therapy at your home sweet home.


Why SunStream Sauna is your first choice

Sunstream Saunas is the choice of professionals in the health industry as it puts its customers’ safety and efficiency first. Our saunas have up-to-date heaters that control EMF and ELF exposure, keeping levels low and in compliance with the lowest possible industry standards for your safety as you rejuvenate.

A couple of aspects of the Sunstream Sauna, apart from the security, include its outstanding performance and unprecedented infrared coverage. Being engulfed by heat is not enough; our strategically located heaters allow for high-intensity sweating, and better yet render your sauna experience unparalleled to any other brand.

Besides, Sunstream Saunas are present with a Residential Lifetime Warranty which covers the heaters, control systems, cabinet and, even light bulbs – with it, you can rest knowing you are fully equipped. 

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