IR sauna benefits may be better than wet and dry saunas depending on an individual’s personal preferences and preferred heating method.

IR Sauna Benefits: Is It Better Than Wet and Dry Saunas?

If you have ever tested out an infrared sauna before or are interested in trying one,  there’s probably one question that comes to mind – ‘is this thing better than a normal sauna?’ While these three sauna types feel similar in terms of the health benefits you’re liable to expect, an infrared (IR) sauna may potentially beat them in affordability, convenience, and comfortability.

This article by the Sun Stream Saunas team will help you explore the differences between wet, dry, and IR saunas. 

We’ll also be highlighting the advantages of the latter so you can make an informed decision on whether an IR sauna benefits you more compared to the latter two depending on your preferences.


What Are Infrared Saunas?

Wet saunas generate steam by adding water on top of a heat source, creating a moist and humid environment. This type of sauna is best for hydrating our skin and reaping respiratory benefits.

On the other hand, dry saunas use a heat source to warm the air inside the sauna room, which heats your body without increasing humidity. This creates a dry heat environment perfect for people who find wet saunas an uncomfortable experience.

Infrared saunas are somewhere between both of these worlds as they use infrared technology to apply heat to your body directly while applying for the same benefits a dry or wet sauna can give you.


How is an IR Sauna Better?

The choice between these three sauna types largely depends on your personal preference and the way to reap health benefits. Here are some IR sauna benefits that may help you decide in choosing one:


Economically Viable

IR saunas help you skip the expensive construction, electrical, drainage, and plumbing requirements a wet or dry sauna may give you. For context, a traditional wet or dry sauna would run you around $3500 to $6000 to build, whereas IR saunas are cheaper, and come as a comprehensive unit – with treatment entirely inherent in the booth itself, without any need for extraneous products.

Additionally, IR saunas are more affordable in the long run, only costing you around $0.35 per hour, heating surrounding air more quickly while being incredibly energy efficient. This beats out traditional saunas in terms of warmup time and operating costs.



The lower heat of a sauna means that you can comfortably enjoy more frequent sauna sessions, allowing you to establish a healthy routine while simultaneously maximising the benefits associated with it.

We are also aware that some people may have the misconception that infrared saunas emit harmful UV radiation. However, this is a misnomer, as they use infrared radiation – a type of heat that neither damages nor burns in the same melanoma-inducing way.

While it does heat your body directly, our infrared saunas in particular only have a maximum temperature setting of 65C, while traditional saunas get to around 80C-100C.


Most infrared sauna models on the market (including ours) are incredibly convenient for the customer as these can be installed anywhere near an electric outlet, as long as you have a safe space to set it up.

You can even put them outside! However, our sauna models are made from untreated natural timber, which is not specifically designed to be placed outdoors. A great workaround to this problem is to place it in a spot where direct rainfall and sunlight will not reach the unit, plus we supply covers made to order in Australia to provide added protection.

Additionally, if you’re travelling and would love to avoid breaking your wellness streak, infrared saunas may be available in more places now than you think. Most gyms, spas, or beauty centres carry an infrared sauna in their facilities.

Plus, IR saunas only take 15 minutes to achieve optimal heat, which will only take 25-30 minutes of your time when you add 10-15 minutes of sauna soaking.


Get the Best of Both Worlds With Sun Stream Saunas

Ultimately, your choice of sauna is up to your personal preferences and desired heating method. However, infrared saunas may be the go-to option for some people if they’re looking for a convenient, economically viable, and more comfortable sauna alternative.

Have questions and inquiries we didn’t cover in this article? and learn more about the infrared sauna loved by doctors, wellness experts, and athletes nationwide by contacting us today.