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Saunas Melbourne: Why The Materials Used In Your Sauna’s Construction Matters

The rise in popularity of saunas in the world of relaxation has influenced and driven greater interest in integrating their use into daily life. Before buying saunas in Melbourne, there are multiple factors you need to consider. Whether you’re a long-time user or just looking to start , it is important to do your research on their effects, how well they deliver them, and whether or not they’re worthy of your investment. The quality of the construction is essential to consider, to ensure that your experience is ripe to reap its benefits in the most maximal way. 

Investing in a sauna can be costly, at the end of the day, and our priority is making sure that you get your return on investment. Materials and design may often be overlooked, due to a lack of research and information on vendors and retailer’s behalf. With that said, Sun Stream Saunas is here to delve into why the materials used in your product’s construction matter.


Why The Materials Need To Be High Quality

 Choosing high quality, durable materials are significant for longevity, as your sauna can last for a long time despite fluctuating weather and a lot of usage. By preventing damage and promoting a safe and secure session, you get your best return on investment. Here is a list of reasons of why the construction materials should be high quality:

  • Durability, as a function of its total lifespan
  • Reduced risk of warping
  • Prevention of cracking or splitting
  • Moisture content reduction
  • Ensures safe and secure sauna
  • Heat retention


Inspecting Your Sauna’s Wood Quality 

Infrared saunas are constructed with wood – but what type is the most durable and high quality for your needs?  If you’re searching for stability and density, the top choices are either cedar or hemlock wood.

At Sun Stream Saunas, we use 100% FSC Certified premium grade Canadian Hemlock. Canadian Hemlock has a high level of resistance to warping and splitting – also contributing to sweat stain resistance. For an optmised experience, it’s a safe choice for many people, owing to its suitability for sensitive skin or allergies. On the opposing spectrum, other brands may opt for cheaper variations of wood materials in their production, the likes of softwood timber, plywood and particleboard.


Check Out The Exterior Lacquer Used 

As wood is a traditional material that requires proper care and maintenance, it is best to use a protective stain. It is recommended for saunas to use a lacquer, which reduces the effects of moisture on its wood construction. Many use oil based lacquers, which are created from harmful ingredients that affect our health. Exposure to volatile organic compounds has the potential to afflict users with adverse health issues – making it recommended to use a water based exterior lacquer. Sun Stream’s saunas use a low sheen healthy water based lacquer. This ensures a beautiful appearance while ensuring a safe and healthy option.


Structural Design 

To assess the structural design of a quality bathing booth, inspect the level of craftsmanship. The aesthetics of your product should not be overlooked, as it is meant to contribute value to a space and enhance its relaxing environment – outside of its function, its form takes up a fair amount of real estate in your interior. The sauna you invest in shouldn’t skimp on great design, when we take this into account.


 Saunas Melbourne: Sunstream Saunas Deliver High Quality 

Saunas Melbourne - Evolve mini infrared sauna


Add value to your home by investing in a high quality unit, constructed with the best materials. It is clear that the performance, durability and safety of a sauna is impacted by its quality construction. Our products are manufactured with premium materials to create the healthiest, safest and best take-home experience Melbourne has to offer! Contact us today to elevate your journey.