A woman maximising the benefits of infrared sauna use

What Should You Do Before, During, and After to Maximise the Benefits of Infrared Sauna

At Sun Stream Saunas, we understand your worries and doubts – not only about how you can maximise the benefits of infrared sauna sessions, but also about your safety across its range of use. We believe that everyone deserves to reap the rewards of the practice – but above all, we want to prioritise your well-being in integrating its effects into your particular lifestyle. We provide a series of guidelines for you, from staying hydrated to how much and when to eat.

Whether you’re into seeking relaxation, pain relief, detoxification, or your skincare routine, our infrared saunas are designed to meet your needs effectively and safely.



1. Drink a lot of water

We all know that during a sauna, our body sweats and releases a lot of moisture. 

A well-known integrative and functional medicine physician,  Frank Lipman, M.D. says “infrared saunas have the ability to penetrate the skin more deeply, increase metabolic rate which can help the body burn off anywhere from 200 to 600 calories in a half-hour session.

Prevention is better than cure – so it is very important to hydrate ourselves beforehand. Consequently, an article published by The Southern Illinois University  School of Medicine advised individuals to drink a glass or two of water before getting in a sauna session. 


Take a shower

It’s a good idea to take a warm shower before you head to your sauna session – this is important so you won’t bring any dirt in. Taking a shower also helps you relax your muscles. When your muscles are relaxed, they don’t restrict blood flow as much, helping to maximise the benefits of an infrared sauna.


Bring at least 2 cotton towels. 

Consider using a towel to sit on, to prevent your body moisture from dripping on the bench. It also prevents direct contact with the bench, especially when you are in a public sauna. 



Begin with a short interval

It is important to note that the interval of your sauna session highly impacts the benefits of the infrared sauna you’ll experience. 

For beginners, it is suggested to use the sauna for 15 – 20 minutes only at a time. While experienced sauna goers typically engage in sessions in the upper ends of 25 – 45 minutes depending on your health and wellness goals.


Sit on your towel

Use your towel as a seat as the bench will become hot. 



Cool down

It is recommended to rest for at least 10 minutes after your sauna and not jump straight into any activity. Finding a cool place where you can sit still is also recommended. This will help your heart rate to slow down and relax for a while.

In addition, Dr. Rhonda Patrick recommended cold exposure, such as cold showers, as it improves diastolic blood pressure.  


Drink more water

Since you lost a lot of fluids because of the session, it is recommended to drink water to rehydrate. 


Rest for your next session

Taking interval breaks in your session for at least 30-45 minutes can be significantly beneficial as it allows your body to recover from heat stress. However, if you’re planning to buy a sauna and install it at your home to be part of your daily routine, it is crucial to consult your doctor first on how you should often use it.


Extra tips for Do’s and Don’ts


  • Avoid drinking alcohol before and during your sauna session. Alcohol dehydrates your body. Thus, alcohol can also impair your ability to regulate your body temperature, coordination and reaction time making it more prone to accidents or worse, heat stroke. 
  • If you are not feeling well, or have a serious or high-risk medical condition, such as kidney failure or cardiac conditions, you should ask your doctor first or refrain from using it if unsure.
  • Do not wear the clothes that you just wore all day. Towels or any cotton clothing are always a good choice. Do not bring any inappropriate things into the sauna. 
  • Consider eating salty snacks, as these salty snacks will help you restore any sodium you lost in the sauna.