benefits of infrared sauna and dry saunas

Wellness Advantages – Comparing The Benefits Of Infrared Sauna To Dry Saunas

There are various ways to relieve stress, relax and improve overall wellness. A popular approach people use is a sauna. There are several saunas you can choose from with differing benefits and experiences. At Sun Stream Saunas, we offer the safest and the best quality range of infrared saunas. We understand how it can be difficult to choose a sauna. In this blog, we analyse and compare the benefits of infrared sauna use to dry saunas to determine which one is more suitable for you.


Infrared Saunas 

Infrared saunas use far infrared heat waves from special emitters to warm your body directly to generate sweat. The temperature is less hot compared to traditional heat and steam saunas, making it more tolerable. Infrared sauna cabins are typically constructed with natural softwood that is less susceptible to intense high temperatures.


Dry Saunas 

Dry saunas use a heater powered by electricity, wood, or gas. Dry saunas are one of the oldest wellness treatments, still used in the modern day. The heat in the air within the chamber creates a heated environment. The intensity of this heat induces body sweat and helps detoxify the body while relaxing the muscles.


Benefits of Both Saunas 

Saunas are beneficial regardless of the one that you choose. The benefits of infrared sauna and the benefits of dry sauna both contribute to health and wellness similarly: 

  • Detoxification
  • Pain relief
  • Stress and anxiety reduction
  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Weight loss and boosted metabolism 
  • Beautifies skin 
  • Boosted immune system
  • Relieves sore muscles
  • Relieves joint pain and increases flexibility
  • Improves the central nervous system
  • Improved quality of sleep 
  • Enhances cognitive function


Key Differences

Although both the dry sauna and infrared sauna are beneficial by using heat for your body, they have considerable differences. The infrared sauna uses infrared emitters to directly heat your body, while dry saunas heat the air surrounding you. Usually, dry saunas’ heat distribution may be uneven – with hotter areas near the heat source. Infrared saunas operate at a lower temperature between 45°C to 65°C while dry saunas between 70°C to 90.6°C. Hence, you can stay a longer duration in infrared saunas. Infrared saunas are quicker and easier to use by using a simple plug and have an improved heating method. However, some brands of infrared saunas can initially have higher costs in comparison to traditional dry saunas because of their advanced technology. 


Choosing Your Sauna

Making the decision between the dry sauna and the infrared sauna depends on personal preferences and wellness goals. The infrared sauna is ideal if you have a preference for a milder and longer sauna experience with targeted heat absorption. The infrared sauna is said to penetrate more deeply compared to dry saunas. Thus, infrared saunas are a more popular option nowadays with their advanced technology. Meanwhile, if you’d rather have an intense high temperature for a shorter duration, choosing a dry sauna is suitable. The dry sauna is more traditional and is appropriate for people who value tradition. Nevertheless, both saunas are able to provide many health benefits. 


At Sun Stream, we can elevate your wellness journey with our range of infrared saunas that are designed to cater to diverse selections. Experience the benefits of an infrared sauna yourself with us! Explore our services and contact us for any further inquiries.