proper attire in maximising the benefits of infrared sauna

Benefits of Infrared Sauna Sessions: Choosing the Right Attire

Have you decided to incorporate heat exposure into your lifestyle and daily routine? While it is comfortable maximising the benefits of infrared sauna use at home, that doesn’t mean you can ignore some of the basic rules a public sauna reinforces. One of these is incorporating your proper attire while in session.

SunStream Saunas is here to guide you and offer insights on what and what not to wear so you can maximise the potential benefits of infrared sauna sessions.


What to wear in an infrared sauna session



One of the most common necessities during your sauna session will include a use of  towels. Oftentimes, you’ll need more than one towel to wrap yourself in and to sit on. It is recommended that the towels be made of natural fibres like cotton, which can feel just right. It’s cosy, helps you sweat, and keeps you covered. While there’s no study proving a towel is the best choice, it sure makes sense to a lot of people. Since cotton has natural fibres that are gentle to the skin, providing a cosy sensation while also effectively absorbing moisture. This absorption not only helps you sweat comfortably but also ensures that you remain covered and dry throughout your session



Thinking about swimwear – the simpler, the better. You might want stuff that lets your skin breathe and doesn’t cover too much, since an infrared sauna heats your body directly.  Less coverage allows natural thermoregulation. Swimwears are mostly favoured when it comes to using saunas as keeping your body covered limits how well your body can regulate its heat. They’re all about letting air flow and helping you stay cool while you heat up.


Light and loose clothes

The same goes for any clothes you might wear. Light, breezy fabrics like cotton may also be some of the best clothes to wear, such as loose shorts or a tank top. 


What Not to Wear

Compared to cotton, synthetic, heavy, and tight clothes might not be the best idea. They can hold in heat and make it hard for your body to do its sauna thing—sweating out the bad stuff. And don’t forget to take off your jewellery. Metals get super hot on your skin.

When you’re not sure what to wear in an infrared sauna, it’s best to keep it simple. A bathing suit is always a safe choice. And if you’re comfortable, going in nude with a towel underneath can work too – just make sure to cover the seating and floor for hygiene.

If you’re feeling a bit shy about a bathing suit or going nude, a loose tunic or dress is perfect. It gives you the coverage you want without being too snug.

While sports bras and yoga pants are comfy, they’re not ideal for saunas. They can stick to your skin when sweaty and be a hassle to remove. Jewellery should also come off; it can get damaged or even burn you. Plus, metals like copper can leave marks when mixed with sweat.

Remember, less is more in the sauna. The fewer clothes and accessories you have, the more you’ll benefit from the infrared therapy!


In the End

What you wear in an infrared sauna makes a difference. It’s kind of like picking the right outfit for a workout or a day at the beach—it seems like it could matter, right? Infrared saunas are cool because they heat you up directly, making you sweat more, but at a cooler air temperature than regular saunas.

Want to experience all the health benefits that infrared saunas afford, but in the privacy and convenience of your own home? Sunstream Saunas offers high-quality saunas that are perfect for your home. For further details on how you could get an infrared sauna installed in your home, contact us today.